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hey guys! happy new year!


I am so excited to be the new creative director at Wild Oleander salon. I put a lot of heart, and soul into creating this months Nail special, and i hope you love them as much as i do. 

New year, new you, right? New Years resolutions are just as synonymous to this time of year, as champagne, and the ball drop. 

It’s a chance for us all to reflect on the past year, and decide how we would like to change and grow as a person for the next twelve months. this is what i drew my inspiration from when creating the five looks we are offering for the month of January. 


i also drew inspiration from my love of healing crystals! Crystals are a big part of my home life, and I have a special altar in which I keep them. If you’re not familiar, Crystal Therapy is roughly based around the idea that everything on earth has a vibration (because we are all made up of constantly moving atoms,) so when you combine, and incorporate the right crystals into your life, it can help you vibrate at your optimum level! That’s where the whole “good vibrations” thing comes from, pretty cool right? There’s lots of information out there to help you choose crystals, but I also love to just follow my intuition, and pick what feels right when I’m choosing a new addition to my collection.


Each of the five nail looks this month represents one of the five most common New Years resolutions, and which crystal can help you to stay on track, and attain your goal. We hope that your nails can be a reminder to you this month to honor yourself, and focus on what matters the most to YOU!



Now on to the nails!:


1. Resolution- Get in shape



Blood Stone’s is a powerful stone for those who want to have more vigor, and get in shape this year. Ancient Greeks, and Romans wore Blood Stone amulets during competition to boost their strength, and energy. It’s natural vibrations can also help to elevate your metabolism


2. Resolution- Travel




Malachite is a protective stone for those with serious wanderlust entering 2018. It helps calm ease the fears of nervous travelers, and it absorbs pollutants, and negative energy which helps with jet lag.


3. Resolution- Quitting a vice (like smoking.)



Agate is a great stone to help with quitting smoking( or another vice.) There are many types of agate, but in general it is a soothing, and calming stone that aids in stability. This warm stone is also very balancing, and helps stop the desire for things we do not need.


4. Resolution- Save/Make more money


Citrine, sometimes called “the merchants stone of wealth” is a great Crystal to attract money. It helps to boost your inner confidence, so you can ask for that raise! 

Wear Citrine to attract good luck, and prosperity.


5. Resolution- relax more, and don’t stress the small stuff


Rose quartz with its soft pink color, is a great stone for relaxing, meditation, and busting stress (especially over a romantic relationship.) Its soothing, and calming effect will help you glide into the new year totally #unbothered.