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hey guys!

happy March! i am so excited we are finally on the good side of winter. the days are getting longer again, and we are beginning to think about getting in shape for the spring with the occasional nice weather day!

Whether you have, or haven’t (we won’t judge) started to kick up your fitness routine for spring there’s one place you can change your shape up instantly, and that is your NAIL SHAPE! From sexy “stiletto”, to versatile “Rounded-square” here are a few of the nail shapes we are loving at Wild Oleander this spring!

Let’s start with the “Square” Nail. So popular in the 90’s, and has been making a steady comeback with the likes of stars like keke palmer. We love ‘em long and slim for that perfect 90210 moment!

  •  Pros:These are a sturdy shape for gals who are rough on their hands.
  • Cons: They can make short fingers look a bit stumpy.

if you’re looking for a modern take on the square, try a “coffin” shaped nail! It tapers towards the tip to slimline the nail, but you still get the stability of a square with plenty of room for nail art! Rihanna was an early adaptor of this style, and it’s so cool and downtown!

  • Pros: looking like the baddest b*tch everywhere you go
  • Cons: beating admirers off with a dang stick!

Ah the “Stiletto” nail. Definitely a shape for a seasoned nail pro (notice how you often see these less wearable shapes on us nail artists.) A favorite of songstresses like Yebba Smith (who recently got her talons slayed in house by the talented Ria!)

The stiletto elongates your fingers beautifully, and comes to a razor sharp point. If you want something more wearable opt for the classy, and flattering “Almond” which is a less extreme version

  • Pros: clawing out the eyes of anyone who f*cks w/ you. Long skinny lady fingers.
  • Cons: inability to pick up your Metro Card once it hits the floor.

Finally one of our most popular shapes is the trusty, and versatile “rounded-square,” or “squ-oval.” This shape is mostly worn on shorter natural nails, and works great on everyone, for all occasions! If you’re new to nail art this shape keeps any design, no matter how wild, sophisticated and wearable.

  • Pros: Cute, wearable, long lasting shape
  • Cons: None! We love it!

So there you have it! The most popular shapes at Wild Oleander. If you’re feeling a bit crestfallen because you would love to try out a new shape, but your nails are short, we’ve got you covered! We now offer a fast, non-damaging, soak off, realistic nail extension system called Gel-X! We can add any shape or length to your nails in a fraction of the time it takes to do traditional gel extensions, plus the removal is quick and easy like soaking off gel polish! Perfect if you want to grow out your natural nails, or just want something fun and different for a special event, or vacation.

We can’t wait to get your tips in shape very soon!


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